Thursday, 4 February 2010


i am alone
both my kids are asleep
my house (or apartment) keeper is asleep
my husband is at his parents house for a boys night out, or in, watching football games and fart and do other gross male things

and i am alone

OH! I just thought of the most awesomest idea EVER! but you have to wait until i go shopping this weekend, its kind of related to it :P will keep you posted

whose still reading my blog? anyone?

and please don't leave annonmys (too lazy to check the spelling so just pretend its the correct spelling) comments, i hate that!

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Just a thought

You know you're not in love anymore when you force yourself to say I love you
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Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Wild peeta

Support local businesses :D
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Sunday, 11 October 2009

She's here :)

Baby Sara is here, she's healthy, beautiful and already spoiled by the nurses :p

Giving birth to her almost killed me but el7mdellah we are both fine

I am going to be one busy mama trying to stop 7amoody from hitting his sister :s he's a jealous little angel

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Sunday, 4 October 2009

am I the strange one?

I admit it, I love watching people at malls, I love sitting at Starbucks and observe the crowds, it makes me feel like a ...psychologist?


lately my people watching habit made me feel bad, about myself. not because watching them is wrong, but because I feel like I am the odd one!

ok let me explain

I am -el7mdellah- met7ajbah (I wear my 7ijab) and my 3abays are all closed, and the only makeup I wear is kohl and mascara. my husband loves it and according to him, it was the reason why he proposed to me the very next day after he first saw me :P

The trend with girls these days is wearing an open 3abaya, their hair out and dyed blonde, red lips and strong eyeliner. also wearing neon high heels and skinny jeans. when I walk next to these girls i feel like i am 80 years old, I feel like I am the odd one and what I am wearing is wrong.

I love fashion, and try to follow trends but i can't make myself take off my 7ijab, I can't walk around with a face full of makeup and half of my body uncovered for sake of being called trendy or beautiful. I heard a lot of comments about they way i dress and it depresses me to know that our society looks down on girls who are following Allah's orders.

allah yehdee eljmee3

Friday, 25 September 2009

fathers don't get as much love as mothers

I am in Dubai until after I give birth enshallah, so staying at my parents house brings out a lot of emotions and thoughts to me

for example, being back here makes me feel like i am 18 again! my parents still treat me the way they used before i got married, I am not allowed to eat chocolate or junk food, no staying up late and i must wake up in the morning :S

i love it nonetheless, i don't necessarily follow their rules but i love it

last night my mom and sisters went to Ajman for a family dinner, I felt heavy and didn't join them. so I stayed with my father and elder sister at home. we were having dinner at my father's tv room/office and we watched movies, talked about everything and joked.

a thought suddenly hit me

i love my father!

i never admitted this before because i never felt that way before. my memories of my father as I was growing up were negative and cruel. I hated the way he "controlled" us, forbid us from being free and making me wear the 7ijab! my relationship with him was very official, I only spoke to him when I wanted something. I don't remember hugging him for no reason like i did with my mom, or sitting with him and talk about anything, or even missing him when he is gone.

my father was (and somehow still) a strict military man, he raised us to be like him but we rebelled against it and caused a drift that lasted for years. we never thought that he did whatever he was doing to protect us from people's judgment and Allah's wrath. this all became clear when I got engaged.

my husband told me that he asked around about me and everyone said the same, "Mashallah banat 3li are respectful, decent and unlike other girls. they are well educated and well behaved", he told me that he loved how I was the only one wearing the 7ijab in the family dinner he was attending. it surprised me, I thought guys steered clear from girls wearing 7ijab!

my two younger sisters are complaining about how they don't get as much freedom as girls in their age group, it makes me laugh when they do that, I tell them they will realize why our father does this by the time they get married.

el7mdellah that my father didn't let me hang out late with my friends
el7mdellah my father made me wear the 7ijab
el7mdellah my father yelled at me when I defied his orders
el7mdellah my father was strict with me as i grew up
el7mdellah my father took away some of my so called freedom
allah ye5aleek for us baba, i love you

Monday, 10 August 2009

a little project to cheer myself up

I was inspired by this site to participate and maybe come up with a different idea but with the same concept, leaving something personal somewhere and see what happens when people find it

I once wrote my name and date and address on a 10 Dirhams note, and used to pay for something, can't remember what exactly and I am still waiting for it to come back to me :P that was almost 10 years ago

if you have an idea let me know, we can start something that would last for years and people will talk about, or it will end up dead after ten minutes :P elmohem we know we started something different