Monday, 29 September 2008

kl 3aaaaam wo entooo be alf 9ee7aaah wo salaaaamaaah, eid mubarak to all :D
enshallah this 3ied brings good luck and joy to your lives

i dedicate this dance to you

Sunday, 28 September 2008

the birthday girl

so..i am 28

my birthday this year was by far the worst. i didn't enjoy it one bit :(
i didn't get the presents i wanted, my husband came all the way from Abu Dhabi for few hours then he went back, i didn't have a nice dinner and my husband didn't get me my favorite chocolate cake

i will leave you with some random pictures




Friday, 19 September 2008

let's start over


Before i start posting random bits of my life, i want to introduce myself :D

27 years old female, used to live in Dubai but moved to Abu Dhabi after she got married to the most amazing man ever, happily in love and blessed with a beautiful baby boy, i am a full time housewife who cannot cook, mixes white and colored clothes in the washing machine, and gets sick if my hands touches the toilet.
I have a million and one ideas to start my own business, but my indecisiveness prevents me from
starting any.
I am shy, some people mistaken that for arrogance (I am not going to talk to you if I don't know you)

my family and friends + bags + fashion + Starbucks + chocolate + shopppppiiinnnnng + Tokyo (and Japan in general) + Tori Amos + my music + watching tv + playing with my son + tickling my husband +hanging out with my friends + talking to my shoes + giving my sister in law a hard time + reading magazines + buying arts and crafts books and just look at them and imagine that i could DIY + foruming + taking pictures of everything and especially my shoes + spending time alone with my husband, even if we don't do anything, i just love being around him + sleeping + driving + reading Grazia + pregnant woman, ohhhh i love rubbing their tummies + real punk music, not the crap you see on MTV + being my sisters private stylists + makeovers (for both
and places) + art and art galleries + watching movies + my all time fave movie The Labyrinth + The Muppets + Hello Kitty + Beavis and Butthead + being around creative people + making and watching crappy home made videos + my sisters + my niece fdeeeet ha + Nouf & S3ood & Yasmina, the most adorable children EVER + family reunions + Top Shop ...and more

fakers and posers + fake bags + Justine Timberlake + Oprah + people matching outfits + overpriced crap + people telling me they're going to call and don't + indian movies + Al5alidiya mall, waaa3333 + Costa coffee .... dunno what else :S