Wednesday, 29 October 2008


i am getting pampered because i deserve it lol

will update after i am done enshallah \

Tuesday, 21 October 2008

share ideas with me please

i am preparing for 7amoody's first birthday enshallah and i need ideas! i am going to have two small family only parties in abu dhabi and dubai

and i am thinking of having a yo gabba gabba theme because 7amoody and I LOVE YO GABBA GABBA!!! PARTY PARTY IN MY TUMMMYYYY so i am going to order cupcakes and biscuits mn my all time fave, Sprinklez and i am going to enshallah hand make all the decoration, this is going to be for the Dubai party

so i need ideas for the abu dhabi party :S no one there know yo gabba gabba so its going to be pointless and i have to explain who and what is YGG to every single person

please share ideas for the Abu Dhabi party, and remember i am going to have very small party so clowns and fire eaters are out of the question :P

please help me with my 1st party :P

Wednesday, 15 October 2008

I <3 my cousins

tonight my two cousins came over for dinner and it felt good being around them
we -my sister and I, and my two cousins- recently became mothers, so the first few hours we discussed our children and married lives then..

ohh then we went crazy just like the old days, before we got married

we started reminiscing about our childhood, the stupid things we did, our silly hangouts and how we misbehaved :P

i remember when we used to hangout at Coffee bean and Tea Leaf at Jumeirah Road, i remember when we killed a mouse lol, i remember when we "skied" down their stairs on a mattress LOL!
we did so many stupid things and its kind of fun and embarrassing to remember them

I love being with them, it like i found myself again, i don't have to be the well behaved housewife around them, i can just be me

lol this was set up for our (Facials Extravaganza) party :P

i love this picture, i don't remember what it is bas i love it nonetheless

city center parking lot

my best friend got me this cake to celebrate my promotion at work, LOOOOOB I MISS YOU!

Monday, 13 October 2008

i miss you

my husband is traveling for a month
i miss already
i promised him not to cry but i can't control myself
i love you bu m7maaddd

Thursday, 9 October 2008


+ today my love for malls has died, i realized why now i prefer to stay at home rather than hanging out at the mall. i hate you people who made me hate going to the mall, wallah i hate you
:P 3aleekom!

+ I've been trying to convince my husband to get me a Birkin, I tried everything and he finally agreed to get me one but next year. I was over the moon, i chose the color, the leather, I even gave my future birkin a name: snobby bobby. BUT today I changed my mind, i no longer want one. I've seen six girls carrying birkins in the mall and it lost its apeal to me. I am sticking to chanels, F birkins

+ I love talking to myself... i am not crazy...wallah....ok maybe a little

+ its cold, i am freezing

+ can someone please shut elisabeth hasellblahblahblahblah from the view? she gets on my nerves with her crazy eyes and stupid voice, she is.... UGH I HATE HER SHUT UP JUST SHUT UP!


my cousin's eid shoes, taken few years ago

kitty we smuggled into the office lol

*drools* i am married and i love my husband wayed bas this guy, omg, i love him!

Wednesday, 8 October 2008



new layout.....kinda of

Thursday, 2 October 2008

my hand is itching....

i just changed my blog's design and now i want to do it again....

i will wait until tomorrow, if i still feel this way i'll change the design

thats my meshkleah, i can't stay on one decision, i have to change everything every five minutes, i can't listen to one song all the way through, i can't watch the same channel for more than 10 minutes, i have to switch feelings every hour or else i'll go crazy

hmmpppphhh me


taken by my three years old cousin, i think the picture is actually good! and artistic


how was your eid? did you enjoy it? any drama? lol

mine was...ok, nothing special, except that it was 7amoooody's first eid and i was happy to see him get so many 3eediyaz lol but other than that, it was pretty boring


Chenill (Chanel) coffee mugs lol


my BLEH birthday cake

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