Wednesday, 15 October 2008

I <3 my cousins

tonight my two cousins came over for dinner and it felt good being around them
we -my sister and I, and my two cousins- recently became mothers, so the first few hours we discussed our children and married lives then..

ohh then we went crazy just like the old days, before we got married

we started reminiscing about our childhood, the stupid things we did, our silly hangouts and how we misbehaved :P

i remember when we used to hangout at Coffee bean and Tea Leaf at Jumeirah Road, i remember when we killed a mouse lol, i remember when we "skied" down their stairs on a mattress LOL!
we did so many stupid things and its kind of fun and embarrassing to remember them

I love being with them, it like i found myself again, i don't have to be the well behaved housewife around them, i can just be me

lol this was set up for our (Facials Extravaganza) party :P

i love this picture, i don't remember what it is bas i love it nonetheless

city center parking lot

my best friend got me this cake to celebrate my promotion at work, LOOOOOB I MISS YOU!


sadia said...

such a cute post! love those girly nights in! you actually skied down the stairs on a matress??...sound like fun! the set up for facials!

123 said...

cute gurliness :)

love the cake, where from?

ting said...

nothing like a girly get together eh :) cute stuff hehe

myth.graphy said...

OMG that's so sweet :)

allah ye5alekom el ba3a'9 inshalla,,

This post made me miss my Czns too ..

allah yered lich raylich belsalama too :)

myth.graphy said...

& congrats on your promotion

Rude Lovers said...

thanx all


those pictures were taken in 2005