Tuesday, 21 October 2008

share ideas with me please

i am preparing for 7amoody's first birthday enshallah and i need ideas! i am going to have two small family only parties in abu dhabi and dubai

and i am thinking of having a yo gabba gabba theme because 7amoody and I LOVE YO GABBA GABBA!!! PARTY PARTY IN MY TUMMMYYYY so i am going to order cupcakes and biscuits mn my all time fave, Sprinklez and i am going to enshallah hand make all the decoration, this is going to be for the Dubai party

so i need ideas for the abu dhabi party :S no one there know yo gabba gabba so its going to be pointless and i have to explain who and what is YGG to every single person

please share ideas for the Abu Dhabi party, and remember i am going to have very small party so clowns and fire eaters are out of the question :P

please help me with my 1st party :P


sadia said...

had to google "yo gaba gaba".lol...now i know!
anyway, check this out:
how about a teddy bear's picninc theme? that should be cute..

sadia said...

btw, 7amoody....is soooo cute! mashallah....please share a pic without funny glasses :)

Dreamy said...

mashallah 3leeh he's so adorable, I find that he's to young to understand whats happening around him lol ya 7leelah

MYTH.Graphy said...

AaaaaaaaaaW, So cute mashalla 3aleh
allah ye7fa'9aah w yefare7 galbich feeh inshalla :)

in AD it's the bedioun Style,, labseeh bisht w 5aleeh me3res theme like =P

sadia said...

oooh...i agree with myth.graphy

Anonymous said...

Baby blue theme!

sadia said...


Sakura said...

Do you have to have a party ad AD? kk3kk333kk3 just kidding...here is what my friend is doing for her son's BD. No party!!! she will only drop off cupcakes order form Sugarbox at her different family members houses. Saves herself all the fuss of having a BD Party!!!! What do you think?