Wednesday, 4 February 2009

to all lovely mamas

this is for you, for us :D


yesterday I was at my in laws for a dinner party, my husband's cousin's wife (AA) was there, i am not very in touch with her but i am very friendly with her because my husband and his cousin -her husband- are best friends and i don't wan to do any thing to ruin it

so i saw her and i said hi to her, she gave me this nasty look and said nothing. i shrugged and sat away from her. later after dinner i was giving away the cakes and sweets and i saw her, i asked her if she wanted more cake and she did the same thing, but it made me angry because she did it in front of everyone! the whole majlis was looking at me like i did something. i ignored her and sat next to my husband's sister in law, i asked her why (AA) was treating me that way, and she said she doesn't know. i looked at (AA) and saw she was glaring at me. (AA) turned to someone who sat next to her and said VERY LOUDLY, "if you have a problem with me, come and talk to me, don't be sneaky and like a school girl and ask someone else". I wanted to walk to her and throw water in her face and give her a very big piece of my mind

I've done nothing to her, NOTHING! there is no reason for her to act this way, i never said anything bad about her, i always ask about her and i give her the occasional call every once in a while, she has absolutely no reason to treat me this way
maalaat 3aleeha! el problem is that she will be moving next to me in few weeks and i will see her face every time i leave my apartment