Tuesday, 30 June 2009

here and there

highlights of my life so far...

+ my sister gave birth to an adorable little baby girl :D I am a second time aunt and omg i love that little angel, mabrook fa6ooommmyyy and hisshaaaam :D tetraba fe 3ezkom enshallah

+ I went for my monthly scan and omg, I am going to have a girl :D my eyes teared up when the doctor told me, I wanted to hug her! she is healthy and perfect and that is all that matters

+ I am in the middle of finishing up my business plan, oh yeah, didn't I tell you? I am planning to start a business from home enshallah. since i am going to take care of two babies, I won't be able to work so my husband suggested that I start working from home and he's going to pay for everything -how cool is that? lol-. more details enshallah later

+ FINALLY my husband succumbed to my nagging and we spent the weekend at a hotel, to change el jaw lol. we stayed for two nights are Burj Al Arab with his family -bleh- but I got to go to their spa and get pampered so it wasn't all bad :D

I will leave you with some pictures



7amoody's new hair cut lol

@ Dubai Mall

better than Sugar Daddy's, I heart Sprinklez