Friday, 21 November 2008

Tuesday, 18 November 2008

18 November 2007

It started on Friday, i felt pain in my abdomen but i ignored it and went to have lunch with my family. On Saturday, on my way back to Abu Dhabi, i felt the pain again but again i didn’t tell anyone. i thought it might be just gas lol

on Saturday evening, I went to my in laws to see them before they leave to Qatar for a wedding. I was with my sisters in law who were getting henna, i told them about the pain and one joked saying, "yemken betrabeen?" i laughed and told her, "keef arabee? ana ba3adnee fel thamen". the other threatened me not to give birth while they are in Qatar, i told her its just gas and i am not giving birth. an hour later, the pain started again but this time it was sever. i called my husband and asked him to take me to the hospital

I went to Al Corniche Hospital and i wish i hadn't, the worst hospital EVER! I was there from 9 until 1 am!!! the nurse refused to let the doctor see me and i snapped at her, i threatened to call the police and get her fired and sue the hospital! she got scared and admitted me in 10 minutes. the doctor saw me and said i was in labor! she asked me if i wanted to get a room here and i said -very rudely-, "when hell freezes over, i will give birth here" i threw my file at her and told her o burn it coz its the last time i step foot in tat hell hole.

i went back to my apartment and tried to sleep, but couldn't. at 3, i woke my husband and told him to take me to the hospital. i started crying because i knew it was time and i was totally not ready. i didn’t get anything for the hospital, dresses and giveaways, nothing! i was still 8 months pregnant!!! el7mdellah, 7amoody's clothes were the only thing that was ready.

the ride to Al Rahbah hospital was scary, it was foggy and my husband could barely see anything bas el7mdellah we arrived safely and checked into my room.

my doctors were amazing, they comforted me, and helped me though it. an American doctor who became Muslim gave me this do3aa to help me with labor, she was very supportive. my mom and dad and sisters came all the way form Dubai, my husband’s family were there too, minus his mother and sisters who flew to Qatar, his mother was crying on the phone telling me how she wanted to be by my side but i made her go, they had a family wedding there and i didn't want them to miss it

at 4 pm 7amoody was welcomed to our world, and i remember every second of it. the moment he came out, i begged the doctor to let me hold him, i was crying! I held him to my chest and said, "7abebbee, 7amoody 7abeebee", my husband who was holding my hand the whole time was crying too. it was beautiful, 7amoody was beautiful.

el7mdellah, he was fine and i left the hospital after three days and stayed in Dubai for a month and two weeks.

i miss sleeping, i miss going to the movies, i miss eating properly and i miss shopping bas its ok, as long as i have 7amoody nothing else matters!

this post is dedicated to my first and last love, 7amoody on his first birthday

Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Dedicated to the sunshine in my life

i created another blog for my son :D I will blog about his upcoming birthday, how many times he poops lol and everything and anything about him :D

Wednesday, 5 November 2008

obama is the president

...and i couldn't care less, i don't want to get political bas i feel like things will either stay the same or get worst

i like the idea that for the first time, the USA will have its first black president but i don't think its going to change its international policies

ugh look at me talking about politics... back to more important things, at least for me :D

thanx Sadia, dreamy, myth.graphy, the two Saras for their input and suggestions. i opted to have a very small gathering, will give away cotton candy and cupcakes :D i will leave the good ideas for his thrid birthday enshallah

my husband enshallah enshallah enshallah million marragh wil arrive tomorrow from Munich and i am over the clouds, i am so happy, i missed him so much!