Wednesday, 5 November 2008

obama is the president

...and i couldn't care less, i don't want to get political bas i feel like things will either stay the same or get worst

i like the idea that for the first time, the USA will have its first black president but i don't think its going to change its international policies

ugh look at me talking about politics... back to more important things, at least for me :D

thanx Sadia, dreamy, myth.graphy, the two Saras for their input and suggestions. i opted to have a very small gathering, will give away cotton candy and cupcakes :D i will leave the good ideas for his thrid birthday enshallah

my husband enshallah enshallah enshallah million marragh wil arrive tomorrow from Munich and i am over the clouds, i am so happy, i missed him so much!


Shumous said...

nice shirt... where did u get it from?

Sakura said...

-Obama: you said what I was exactly thinking.

-BDP: Don't forget to take pics

-Hubby back: Ell7madallah...I was starting to feel your glommy vibes over the sms!!!

-Shirt: cooool

Rude Lovers said...

shumous: its custom made, at the tshirt factory @ MoE

saaakuura: domo arigato :D i will take loads of pictures enshallah

sadia said...

hey you!
finally an update!
how's 7amoody?
is he feeling alright?
anyway, i don't think the u.s foreign policy will change no matter what!
giving away cotton candy and cupcakes sounds like a great idea.
i'm sooo happy for you that your hubby's finally coming home :)
i wonder what gifts he'll bring back for you ;p
i hope he reaches safely.
lol @ shirt.
is it bu muhammad's?

MYTH.Graphy said...

OMG look at us girls, suddenly so attached to 7amoody as if he is our nephew allah ye7fa'9ah inshalla

testahleen salamaaat rayleech :)

and yeah we are waiting for photos of hamood growing up ^_^

dreamy said...

mashallah its been month already?

mart al ayam so fast ,,

testahleeen salamta ...

Happy advanced day for 7amoody =)

Anonymous said...

Siiiiiiiiigh <3 welcome back to 5argoosh