Monday, 13 October 2008

i miss you

my husband is traveling for a month
i miss already
i promised him not to cry but i can't control myself
i love you bu m7maaddd


sadia said...

bu mohammad is better looking than ryan!

DS said...

why didnt u go with him?

Dreamy said...

aw I dont want making it harder bs one month wayd =(

allah yrdah lich o l7moody bel salamah ..

Rude Lovers said...

sadia: i know :P bas ryan was my last crush before getting married so there's still some crush residue left

ds: he's going with his brothers and friends, so there is no place for me :(

dreamy: thank you 7abeebteee, one month IS too much, i am trying hard not to cry every night :(

R_M said...

Don't worry he will be back before u even know it.. My husband travels alot and at the beginning it was soo hard but then I just took it as time off and maybe you can do something while he's away!

Make sure you give him ur shopping list.

Anonymous said...

My last crush before my wedding was Gigi Finizio but I still like him! He's so hot <3

Anyway back to the subject, *huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuug*
try to distract yourself with 7amoodz.
Is it the first time he's away for this long??