Thursday, 9 October 2008


+ today my love for malls has died, i realized why now i prefer to stay at home rather than hanging out at the mall. i hate you people who made me hate going to the mall, wallah i hate you
:P 3aleekom!

+ I've been trying to convince my husband to get me a Birkin, I tried everything and he finally agreed to get me one but next year. I was over the moon, i chose the color, the leather, I even gave my future birkin a name: snobby bobby. BUT today I changed my mind, i no longer want one. I've seen six girls carrying birkins in the mall and it lost its apeal to me. I am sticking to chanels, F birkins

+ I love talking to myself... i am not crazy...wallah....ok maybe a little

+ its cold, i am freezing

+ can someone please shut elisabeth hasellblahblahblahblah from the view? she gets on my nerves with her crazy eyes and stupid voice, she is.... UGH I HATE HER SHUT UP JUST SHUT UP!


my cousin's eid shoes, taken few years ago

kitty we smuggled into the office lol

*drools* i am married and i love my husband wayed bas this guy, omg, i love him!


MYTH.Graphy said...

Hay there, my first time around here :)
nice blog you got,

I laughed at your Birkin story and thought of as a good thing myself

I've been convincing myself so hard not to get one,
Bcz am a changing person, I change myself every now and then.. fa getting a Birkin that would be stored after a week of being used,
would really make me disappointed with myself.

keep them coming ^_^

sadia said...

i have a love and hate affair with malls!...but i's choose hanging around at home any day!

is your husband jealous of ryan??!

dreamy said...

yeh tell me bout it- kl 7d 3ndh birkin nowadays

Shumous said...

i love him too and am single ... he is mine... i mean Ryan XD