Monday, 1 December 2008


I've had a very rough week, an idiot of a doctor told us 7amood has to undergo surgery to correct his circumcision. he explained that he has to go under general anesthetic and before the operation, he has to fast for six hours!!!!!!!!!!! he is one years old, how can he fast for six hours?!?!?!
elmohem, i didn't feel good about what he said so i took him today to see a pediatric surgeon, and Allah blesses him, he said there is absolutely no need for surgery and he cleaned 7amoody's peepee and said that's it. no surgery, no bullshit!

I haven't been sleeping well or eating since that idiot doctor told us about the surgery, but today el7mdellah i felt better. and today is my second wedding anniversary :D

two years ago, i had the best day of my life. I married the person i love, i started a new life and folded a dark and stupid chapter in my life. i love being in love, and i love waking next to the person who makes me smile every second of my life. i love him for being my best friend before being my husband. i love him for making me laugh, i love him for making me angry and mad.

allah ye5aleek lee ya bu m7mmad

wel celebrated today at the Dubai Mall aquruim. I had the best time! thank god we didnt go to a resturant or a hotel, it would've been boring

i will post pictures tomorrow enshallah, i want to sleep

hapy 37th national day :D


sadia said...

i <3 reading good things.
mabrook wedding anniversary!
how adorable mashallah!!!!!
may there be several more...ameen.

don't you hate doctors who diagnose incorrectly?...alhumdulillah you went to another one!...hope 7amoody's doing great..<3

happy national day to you too!

MYTH.Graphy said...

1- OMG that's such a horrible feeling to go through worried about your son for day just bcz of a clumzy Dr. advice,, I feel like shooting him in the head for that..
2- el7mdillah it turned to be something simple and manageable :) allah yedeem 3alekom el 9e7a w el 3afya,,
3- good that you had your wedding ani. to make you forget the bad news and focus on the happy ones :) allah ye5alikom el ba3a'9 inshalla ^_^

nyxxie said...

<3 cute!