Thursday, 1 January 2009

happy new year

happy new year everyone :D

my resolutions for this year include taking care of this blog and post more often even if i have like comment or none

loosing weight, i am not fat but i still have some of the baby fat from my pregnancy

get a friggin job! i need to be independent again, i hate asking my husband for money, I am still not used to it

start my fashion design course enshalaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

and drive...i still have a phobia from Abu Dhabi streets

may all your wished come true this year and all the single girls get married and all the blood shed in the world stops



sadia said...

atleast someone is feeling our pain (us single girls i mean)!
may the new year be full of health, wealth and happiness for you, muhammad and his daddy!

one thing for you to do...REMOVE word verification....pretty, pretty, please.

MYTH.Graphy said...

May all your wishes come true my dear,,

I wish this year becomes a blessful, joyful, wonderful year for you and your family
specially 7amada :P

estawa rayaal al7een I assume,, we need to see photos :P