Sunday, 4 January 2009

TAGGED! 10 honest things about me

I've been tagged by Spring Blend :D thank you

ok here weee goooo

1) when I was a child, I almost murdered my eldest sister LOL!!!! I asked her to stick one of those round headbands in her nose, and she had to be rushed to the hospital and be operated on to get it out!!! LOL!

2) I honestly think I am schizophrenic! no need to elaborate or else i will be admitted to some loony bin!

3) I either hate or love a person, there is no in between.

4) when i was pregnant, i always locked my bedroom door after my husband went to work because i had this insane idea that there are goats in the hallway and they will attack me if i leave the door open!

5) I used to reeeeeeeeeeally hate my younger sister, alya. omg i hated her so much! but now we are best friends...i think.... *gives alya the side-eyes*

6) people used to think i am a snob. my normal face expression gives that impression to people

7) I used to smoke but quit on the day i got engaged

8) whatever i am feeling shows on my face, i will be a horrible poker player. if I hate you then you will know from my face, i can't hide it

9) I secretly wanted to go inside one of the sex shops in Germany, just to see...wallah i just wanted to see what it looked from the inside

10) I used to reaaaaaaaaaaaaaally hate Abu Dhabi and always told my friends that i would rather die than go there. and now this place grew on me and i am starting to like it, it doesnt have as much places to go to as Dubai but i love it nonetheless.

ok i tag Sadia + nawarrrry + myht.graphy and nyxxie :D



sadia said...

first you say you're schizphrenic and then the goats....yup! that confirms it!..j/k

your poor sister...i wonder what your parents did with you after that!... >_<

lol @ # 9 0_0

i've already done the tag hun!
but thanks anyway! way i'm doing it again!!

sadia said...

and thanks for removing the word verificaion!

iShamsa said...

so do u hate me wela love me :P

and who doesn't love the adorable alya of yours? if she was my sister i won't never hate her :P

MYTH.Graphy said...

Ooooh thanks dear,,

I'll surely have my next post dedicated to you ^_^

( I share the fact about hating my sis before,, and now we are just sooo close that am living with her now ) =P

Spring Blend said...

"I almost murdered my eldest sister"



u sounds like a very DangeRouS person.. :D

3) weird..!

4) Ayyy Goats?!! الله يهديج :D

7) Klelelele..MabroOOk ^_^ el7amdu Allah

What a Weird and InterestinG List : )