Sunday, 17 May 2009


+ I was at Dubai Mall with my husband this weekend, we passed one of their shows and I saw something that made my blood boil! a little girl who is obviously mentally disabled and on a wheelchair was with her parents who are watching the show while she was thrown to the back, her chair was not facing the show and she looked lost and lonely. her parents thought since she is disabled she will not enjoy or understand the show, how cruel is that!!! I wanted to walk to the ignorant parents and give them a long lecture but my husband told me to just walk away, he explained that people like those are best ignored because they will only fight back and cause trouble for me and might take their frustration on the poor little girl

+ if you love someone, you show it in different ways. you can hold their hands, buy them a red rose, whisper i love to their ears or just just give them a look that only the two of you would get. You don't be an animal about it and dry hump them in front of people! I saw a couple -they looked Russian- at Marina Mall sometime ago and omg, all they needed was a film crew and they could make a porn movie! they were all over each other in front of families and children, they had no respect for anyone or this country's tradition or religion!

*sigh* people irk me, I stopped going out and prefer to stay at home from all the horrible things I see. young girls acting like whores, men who don't deserve to be called men at all! and mothers who should be whipped for neglecting their children...and so much more

how did life become so fucked up!?!


MYTH.Graphy said...

It's unfortunate how life turned to be these days,

I won't say fucked up,, lana ba3dah feha 5eer..

but over all,, I agree that things went beyond imagination and control :(

Asma A.J said...

Hi Randomly Rude (or Rude lover).

This is Asma A.J again, from The National newspaper in Abu Dhabi. I'm working on an article about Emirati bloggers, and I was wondering if you're okay with participating.

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