Tuesday, 7 July 2009

the ZOMBIES are coming!!!!!!

a few weeks ago I posted this on my FB status,
"What if all the people who were infected with the Swine Flu turn into ZOMBIES?"
a lot of people liked the idea and thought of it as funny, but not me. I was serious, what if they really turned into zombies?!

anyone who knows me, know that I love zombie movies, I could watch them all day and I hate missing the ones showing at the cinemas

but after I watch the movies, I start thinking about them. What if all those movies are a warning to us, that zombies will invade us and start eating us. I think about how will I save 7amoody! where will i keep him safe away from flesh eating zombies. how will I get supplies of food and pampers if I ran out of them, how will I keep 7amoody's noise down so the zombies won't hear him. I spend months planning and plotting and I even talked to my husband about it. I am planning to build a panic room in my house enshallah

so what would you do if zombies attacked us?


Maitha* said...

I don't believe in them but I do think a panic room is a good idea as its not as safe as it used to be in the UAE before

Rude Lovers said...

its not like I really believe in zombies but with everything going on in life right now I am starting to fear that they might actually exist!

allah ye3een!!