Sunday, 4 October 2009

am I the strange one?

I admit it, I love watching people at malls, I love sitting at Starbucks and observe the crowds, it makes me feel like a ...psychologist?


lately my people watching habit made me feel bad, about myself. not because watching them is wrong, but because I feel like I am the odd one!

ok let me explain

I am -el7mdellah- met7ajbah (I wear my 7ijab) and my 3abays are all closed, and the only makeup I wear is kohl and mascara. my husband loves it and according to him, it was the reason why he proposed to me the very next day after he first saw me :P

The trend with girls these days is wearing an open 3abaya, their hair out and dyed blonde, red lips and strong eyeliner. also wearing neon high heels and skinny jeans. when I walk next to these girls i feel like i am 80 years old, I feel like I am the odd one and what I am wearing is wrong.

I love fashion, and try to follow trends but i can't make myself take off my 7ijab, I can't walk around with a face full of makeup and half of my body uncovered for sake of being called trendy or beautiful. I heard a lot of comments about they way i dress and it depresses me to know that our society looks down on girls who are following Allah's orders.

allah yehdee eljmee3


Anonymous said...

Well said 6una. But don't worry and don't feel left out. There's still a group of girls who dress decent an Im proud to be one. These group of ladies are just desperate for attention they are so insecure and lost on the inside. Wallah elhumdellah 3ala ne3mat e deen wu Allah Yhadeehum.

Rude Lovers said...

the problem is that we are a very small group, i feel like we have zero influence on the younger generation, if this is normal now then how things will be tn years later?!

allah yester

sadia said...

just keep doing what you're doing...el7mdillah i'm like you too! <3

Anonymous said...

can i ask something that i always wonder about haleji girls?
how come they wear hijab in daily life but when it comes to weddings they wear decolte clothes near men?then the other day they wear hijab again..
and how husbands/fathers let this?

*a curious Turkish*

Anonymous said...

I do the same thing wherever I go, I always like to observe the human behavior. It does feel like a psychologist.

About the fashion, you're doing what's right, and those other girls are wrong. As long as you know that, who cares what people think.

Rude Lovers said...

thanx all :D

Curious Turkish: we don;t have mixed weddings, i dont know where you got that from but our weddings are seperated and when the groom comes in all the women cover up :D