Monday, 15 December 2008

a letter to my personalities that have passed away

Dear dead personalities,

I've been meaning to write to you and tell how great it is to live without you, I sometimes miss you but el7mdellah that feeling soon fades when I see how great my life is now

+ Dare Devil 7amda, the one who would gladly jump from a window just to see if her 3aba would be a perfect parachute: I don't miss you at all. I took the biggest jump of my life and got married, you died the day of my wedding because anything dangerous I do after that night would be lame

+ Fun loving 7amda, the one who would drive her car in the rain and sing out loud to Interpol's "Rosemary": I miss you sometimes, a lot lately. I miss the silly little things we used to do together, the little adventures we used to take and the little secrets we hid in our shoe boxes. The giggles, the sighs, the tears.

+ Friends over Family 7amda, the one who preferred to share every waking moment with her friends instead of her family because friends don't judge: sorry but you are gone forever, gone with the dangerous part of me. my family comes first, last and only. sorry if my friends read this but you understand why i say this. I love you all, i love you for being my rock when all the shit happened in my life, thank you for putting up with my arrogance, my ignorance and my stupidity. I love you most for sharing a million and more good laughs over the silliest of things. I still love you and love being around you but my family now comes first

+ Depressed 7amda, the one who woke up every morning wishing it would rain acid rain and alligators and sharks so it would eat up everything and everyone around her: how can I wake up depressed when i have two of the most amazing people sharing my life?! how can i be sad when just this morning my beautiful little me said "mama" over and over to wake me up? how can i be depressed when my husband sends me a random "I love you" message?!

+ Crazy 7amda, the one who spoke to herself and had an alter ego named "Davina" who will someday marry Ryan Gosling: I don't think i need to explain that :P

You see dead personalities, you were replaced with others, yes, OTHERS. other personalities who are much happier, more responsible and who wake up every morning with a smile -and sometimes a headache-

Dead personalities, stay dead

yours, not anymore,

The Mother, The Wife, The Lovers



nawary said...

hamda this is the cutest post ever. i enjoyed reading and i love the way you write. heartfelt and sincere. witty and fabulous.

i like the new hamda ..allah ys3dch .dayman w abadan wy7fathlch your family and friends xx =)

Dreamy said...

allah la y'3yr 3leech al 7aal ya rab ..

sadia said...

i once put my friends over family too. how wrong i was! alhumdulillah, i've grown closer to my family as i've grown older.

mashallah!!!....mu7ammad, called you mama and woke you up! and his dad sends you random "i love you" messages!! amazing!! mashallah!!!!!


nyxxie said...

how cute hamda.. this is so moving.

Rude Lovers said...

nawary + dreamy + Sadia and nyxx

thank you guys for your wonderful comments, i got the idea of this post while i was trying to sleep, i was hallucinating because of the meds i was taking and 7amoody was keeping me awake.

Anonymous said...

Amazing post. I also have some personalities that ,too, died after marriage. (it's a good thing)
loved it.. looooved it
thanks for sharing

Fastidious Babe said...

such a cute entry... may the new 7amda stay positive and loving forever xx

MYTH.Graphy said...

what a touching post you had here,,,

so inspiring indeed :) I wish you all the best in your life,,

all what I've to say is that you set a great example to a perfect chick who changed her life for marriage,, I wish every other girl from our generation do the same as you did ...

it's not who you want to be anymore,, it all about what you should be for your family =)

Bless you sis :)