Wednesday, 10 December 2008


an hour ago, a woman called my grandmother's house, screaming and saying, "UMI -we call my grandmother umi, as in mother-, I am kidnapped"!!!!!!

my grandmother freaked out, she called my aunt in Bahrain to make sure she is ok, she called everyone she knows and everyone is el7mdellah ok.

if it was a joke, i hope who ever is behind it gets hurt real bad! my grandmother could have died on us or had a stroke! i hope they get hurt real bad

and if its real, then i hope she is found and rescued. enshallah


sadia said...

grrrr....what the...??

such a lame thing to do!

people of no consideration for others.


alhumdulillah your grandma is ok!


Rude Lovers said...

she is a bit shaken up bas el7mdellah she is ok! wallah i am so pissed off!

sadia said...

you have reason to be pissed.
but it must be someone in the family or close friends who know that your grandma's called umi. 9a7?

MeeMzZ said...

if it was a joke then these people are very sick seriously i know how that feels when ur ganny freaks out!!

Spring Blend said...

what a Werid call..!!

i guess some people enjoY bringing pain or making fun of others..

^_^ i love some old people...thye r cute..!

ye7leelha ur grandmother..hope she is ok now : )

Anonymous said...

How terrible! Thats really so silly and dangerous!

nyxxie said...

....seriously? how lame could people get.